Barley Fodder for Alpacas: Sprouting Seed to Feed Livestock

Sprouting Seed to Feed Livestock

My barley fodder trial with sprouting seed to feed our livestock started out with a few propagation trays intent on keeping my barley fodder trial simple.  This was a good idea because I immediately learned that most of the alpacas needed time to take the plunge into the fodder feed. Each day since December 9, 2012, I’ve introduced the fodder, some as leaves and some as small fodder mats with the top part of the leaves cut off.  There are still two alpacas who are only nuzzling the barley leaves or the fodder, but the others have tried and some have embraced (with their lips) this new green stuff even when frozen. (The temperature is hovering during the day between zero and 18 degrees.)

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