Barley Fodder for Alpacas: December 9 to December 28 from Barley Seed to Feed

Barley Fodder Seed Trays for AlpacasOn December 9 I started the barley fodder mat growing experiment with 20×12 propagation trays and a bag of hulled barley seed from Oñate Feeds in Albuquerque. The trial tray had three cups of seed that had been soaked in water (1 tablespoon bleach per gallon of water) for twenty-four hours then drained and quickly rinsed.  This was too much seed by the fourth day, so I transferred the seed to fill another 1/2 tray. Continue reading

Barley Fodder for Alpacas: Sprouting Seed to Feed Livestock

Sprouting Seed to Feed Livestock

My barley fodder trial with sprouting seed to feed our livestock started out with a few propagation trays intent on keeping my barley fodder trial simple.  This was a good idea because I immediately learned that most of the alpacas needed time to take the plunge into the fodder feed. Each day since December 9, 2012, I’ve introduced the fodder, some as leaves and some as small fodder mats with the top part of the leaves cut off.  There are still two alpacas who are only nuzzling the barley leaves or the fodder, but the others have tried and some have embraced (with their lips) this new green stuff even when frozen. (The temperature is hovering during the day between zero and 18 degrees.)

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Holiday Sale at Aspen Ridge Alpacas

Our holiday sales event is on until December 31, 2012.  Save 10% on all items in our Barn Boutique.  We offer a wide selection from which to choose:  yarn, roving, batts, scarves, and rugs, felted organic soaps in many fragrances.  (The washcloth is felted alpaca which shrinks as you use the soap.) Alpaca fur toys come in the form of teddy bears, a squirrel, and alpacas. Try on the reversible alpaca slippers, expertly tailored alpaca jackets, sweaters, shawls, a ruana (knitted in New Mexico), a variety of hats (including alpaca fur hats), gloves, and finger puppets.   Please give us a call before driving up, so we will be there to meet you at the barn. This year Evelyn is selling her extensive collection of pine cones, ranging from small to medium to very large.

If you are interested in learning about raising alpacas, we will be happy to show you around and introduce you to our herd.  We have females, babies, herdsires, and pet/fiber males for sale, and a special is now in progress.