About Alpacas

About Aspen Ridge Alpacas

After thirty-seven years Mickey left the high school classroom. After almost twenty years working with severely handicapped students and developing a Special Olympics program, Evelyn also made a change. Together they started “Aspen Ridge Alpacas” in January 1998 with the purchase of a pregnant female named Carinosa.Mickey started building a small cabin in 1979, and in 1981 her sister Evelyn joined the effort. Every summer for at least a month they continued to add on to the modest cabin. Then in 1997 they decided to go big time and have the cabin expanded to a house.

Another decision was made to build a barn. In June 2000, Mickey and Evelyn moved permanently to “The Ridge,” 8700 feet up in the Jemez Mountains, five miles from the”Valle Grande,” now the Valles Caldera Preserve.

Alpacas, their two dogs “Tinker” and “Belle,” the Anatolian Shepherds, share the barn and the paddocks and make sure that everyone is safe and secure.

Mickey and Evelyn enjoy the serenity of the mountain and country living. And there’s never a dull moment.